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signior n : used as an Italian courtesy title; can be prefixed to the name or used separately [syn: signor] [also: signori (pl)]signori See signior

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  1. Plural of signor



  1. Plural of signore

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Giuseppe "Beppe" Signori (born February 17, 1968 in Alzano Lombardo) is an Italian football (soccer) striker, one of the top scorers in Serie A history. He was a fast, left footed striker who was prolific goalscorer. During the early part of his career he was used as a left winger where his accurate crossing and pace were put to good use.
On the club level, Signori played for Leffe (1984-86), Piacenza (1986-87 and 1988-89), Trento (1987-88), Foggia (1989-92), Lazio (1992-97), Sampdoria (1998), and Bologna (1998-2004). He then had a short experience in Greece, in 2004, with Iraklis Thessaloniki. On October 2005 he signed a one-year contract with Hungarian team MFC Sopron.
Signori led Seria A in goals three times, in 1993, 1994, and 1996 (the last title shared with Igor Protti). Overall, he scored 188 goals in Italy's top division, good for seventh all-time (as of 2005). In the summer of 1995 a rumor surfaced that Beppe was to be sold by Lazio to Parma but the news caused rioting among Lazio fans and pressured management to halt the transfer.
Signori wasn't able fully to translate his success to the national level partly due to differences between him and coach Arrigo Sacchi who preferred to play him in the midfield. He played for the Italian national team 28 times, scoring seven goals. The only major tournament Signori played in was the 1994 FIFA World Cup, where he set up two crucial goals that allowed Italy to advance.
Signori was also known for his unique style of taking penalty kicks. He would stand next to the ball (without taking any runup) and shoot, a style emulated currently by Michele Marcolini of Chievo, among others.
He is currently a Serie A football pundit for RAI Radio1.


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